Online Project Management (OPM)

Over its 20 year history, Menemsha has leveraged technology to drive project/program efficiencies by utilizing cutting edge software and hardware technology.  As your partner, Menemsha will deliver a web-based collaborative project management system that supports every construction process and methodology.  Built-in components create a centralized location to bring together isolated islands of project data.  Powered by US Global Net, our Online Project Management (OPM) system provides real-time data collection, customizable reporting capabilities, and complete visibility into the entire lifecycle of a project.


  • Secure Dedicated Server
  • Online Access Anywhere. Anytime.
  • Highly Scalable
  • Customized Reporting
  • Meeting Regional Requirements
  • Improved Communication Process
  • Real-Time Schedules
  • Notification of Completed Action Items
  • Visibility of Projects
  • Accountability for Results

Customized Solutions
Because every client and division has unique requirements for their initiatives, Menemsha creates customized solutions dependent on the project.  The feature-rich secure system allows for automated notifications defined during program implementation.  These notices allow for immediate action and drive users to the web portal for additional information as needed for the entire project lifecycle.

Communication and Documentation
One central location for all project communication and documentation means less time searching and more time working.  RFIs, construction documents, transmittals, and specifications are housed under one electronic roof saving time through faster approval processes.  For example, when an RFI is submitted, all interested parties receive an email alerting them about the RFI and what actions are necessary.

Flexible, Dependable Reporting
Customizable reporting and querying on a project or program level means reports are easily accessible and do what you want them to do.  Also, individual users can immediately access reports anytime from anywhere.  This allows for high visibility, creating an environment of high accountability between all parties.