Menemsha’s Survey division is a leading provider of high volume site surveys for building conditions, data and development viability.  Our team utilizes proprietary technology and tools to maintain accurate high volume site evaluations with unique 3DVR photography worldwide.

Menemsha’s diversely skilled as-built and data collection experts work with the architectural and construction division(s) to ensure accurate and thorough site information is gathered and properly evaluated.  This supplemental review and insight ensures detailed quality information for our clients.  Supporting an Integrated Project Delivery approach this service can be combined into Menemsha’s other service lines to provide a comprehensive site or program solution.

Combining the latest technology with methodology and experience, our survey division creates efficiencies and convenience. Below are some specific survey services available to our clients:


  • CAD & Revit Floor and Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Roof & HVAC Survey & Evaluation
  • Equipment & Asset Inventory
  • Vault & Safety Deposit Box Nesting
  • Lighting & Foot Candle Analysis
  • ADA Compliance and Remediation
  • Parking Lot and Drive Thru Configuration
  • Permitting and Use Evaluation
  • Landlord Work Letter Exhibit Evaluation
  • Grey Box or Vanilla Shell Base Building Budgeting

Each project’s site criteria may vary.  By offering a diverse mix of approaches, we will choose the application that is best suited, with the least interference, for your sites needs.

The Menemsha team utilizes the following technologies:


Effective facility assessment begins with choosing the right technology. The core of Menemsha’s unique surveying technology offerings is its Laser2CAD system. It is a real-time measurement system that measures facilities with 100% accuracy. An experienced Menemsha surveyor using Laser2CAD can deliver accurate survey drawings from the field to an in-house architectural team without disrupting day-to-day activities, while taking significantly less time than a traditional surveyor and eliminating human error.

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3DVR Photography

Menemsha’s 3DVR photographic technology allows full 360-degree surround viewing of interior and exterior spaces. 3DVR photos are embedded into the as-built plans which allow clients to view any area in 3D. Menemsha’s 3DVR photographic surveys combine 360 degree photographs with Laser2CAD drawings, PDF files or existing CAD/PDF files supplied by the client. Our 3DVR pictures are object-linked directly to the CAD or PDF file allowing any room or space, interior or exterior, to be viewed within a full high resolution 360 degree axis.

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In today’s commercial construction landscape, 2D construction documents are the norm. However, these documents do not give the full picture; leaving out the Z component or heights and depths. 2D documents are limited by an inability to see all elements of the space.

Menemsha believes that the future is in delivering 3D as-built construction documents. The ability to see virtually all areas of the built environment allows for more precise upfront decision making in terms of architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing – maximizing the space available.

Point Cloud

Menemsha can utilize a 3D scanner to deliver point cloud images of existing buildings and facilities. The point cloud consists of thousands of points, each with its own identifiable x, y and z coordinates grouped together to create a pixilated image. The Point Cloud can be used within various software packages to show how existing conditions interact with proposed new designs. Point Clouds can also be post-produced to create CAD drawings and 3D surface and object models.

Total Station

Expanding on the capabilities of our hand held Laser2CAD technology, Menemsha will employ a Total Station, Theodolite, when the project warrants it. Capable of extremely accurate measurements in 3 dimensions over long distances, the Total Station allows Menemsha to provide accurate site plans and exterior building elevations when required. The Total Station can also be employed for accurate measurement of larger, complicated spaces and structures. Menemsha’s total station technology is linked to tablet PC’s allowing for direct CAD output.