3DVR Photography

3DVR photography is a Menemsha service combining 360-degree photographs with Laser2CAD drawings, PDF files or existing CAD/PDF files. Our 3DVR pictures are object-linked directly to the CAD or PDF file allowing any room or space, interior or exterior, to be viewed within a  high-resolution 360-degree axis. After object-linking to the CAD or PDF files, they can easily be viewed using any internet browser.

Key FeaturesQuick Facts

3DVR photography plays an integral role for the design and facility teams allowing them to view in detail any restricted areas using 360-degree high-resolution photographs.

The 3DVR photographs show all areas of a site or property alleviating the need for expensive site walks for client’s facilities/design teams. Our team object-links the 3DVR photos directly to the CAD or PDF plans. Viewing the space in a high-resolution 360-degree format is then as simple as going into the space of interest on the plan and clicking on the 3DVR symbol.

  • View any room or space in a building at the click of a button.
  • Menemsha uses Nikon high-resolution cameras to shoot the 3DVR files.
  • Each 3DVR file is less than 2mb when post produced, which is less than the size of one still photograph.
  • Each 3DVR .swf file is made up of 12 high resolution 2d photographs stitched together and is no larger than 2mb.
  • 3DVR shots can be taken at night or in dark environments.