L2CAD™ – a Menemsha service offering fast, accurate and cost-effective as-built CAD drawings directly from the site to your office in real time.

The landscape of the commercial construction industry is changing more rapidly than ever before. Unprecedented mergers and acquisitions, as well as a slowdown in new construction, is forcing companies to rethink their growth strategies and asset management. Efficient and accurate CAD data, as well as asset control and knowledge, have become more important than ever. Menemsha addresses these needs by utilizing innovative technology – Laser2CAD.

What does Menemsha’s Laser2CAD system offer?

  • A lightweight, hand-held measuring system that is revolutionizing the as-built site surveying process.
  • Allows one person to measure and draw spaces in real time without disrupting day-to-day activity.
  • Collects catalogs and issues a schedule of all types of assets, from furniture and equipment to people and their locations.
  • Works within multiple industries, including retail, restaurants, banking, grocery, big box, c-stores, hospitality and healthcare.

L2CAD™ is a one person operation guaranteeing accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness without interfering with the day to day running of a client site.

Key FeaturesBenefitsQuick Facts

Our countrywide team of surveyors is highly experienced with backgrounds in architecture, construction and facility services. Each team member is kitted out with state of the art specialist surveying equipment combining the accuracy of the hand-held laser with the portability of touch screen tablets . Every dimension measured with the hand-held laser is transmitted directly to the tablet where the AutoCAD DWG drawing is created in real time without the need to manually record down a single dimension.

Voice Notes and Photographs – the experience that our surveyors bring to the process allows them to recognize potential issues on site. These issues are photographed with voice notes attached and object-linked onto the CAD plan allowing the client to see and listen to the Menemsha surveyor’s findings instantly.

Benefits of Menemsha’s Laser2CAD™:

  • 100% measurement accuracy – No human error
  • Reduces the overall project timeline
  • Contributes to a better QC process through the project cycle
  • Forms a direct link between the survey and the in-house architectural team
  • Real-time uploads
  • Allows a single construction experienced person to conduct the survey
  • Incorporates 3DVR photography
  • Up to 25,000 square feet a day per surveyor of finished CAD drawings uploaded to the client’s server.
  • All drawings measured, drawn and supplied in AutoCAD DWG format.
  • Increased accuracy – as all measured dimensions are transmitted via Bluetooth to the Windows Tablet PC.
  • Over a billion square feet of as-builts accurately measured using this technology worldwide.
  • Our L2CAD service provides a live video link from the site directly into your office via Skype or Windows IM.
  • Our innovative survey solution can generate CAD drawings as accurate as 1/16” over 350 feet.
  • Non-intrusive – we work around you!
  • All our laser measuring devices are class one and are completely eye safe.

Laser2CAD Survey

A safe, accurate, cost-effective Laser2CAD Survey requires a mutual understanding of the client’s requirement and scope of work. Menemsha has developed the Laser2CAD survey checklist. The survey checklist forms the scope of work allowing every survey and data collection project to be costed efficiently and accurately to ensure the client pays for only the required items.

ADA Survey Overview

Menemsha’s team of experienced ADA professionals can provide one or all of the parts required to gain compliance to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Our highly skilled team will survey, scope and implement the technical requirements for accessibility to buildings and facilities required by the ADA. We can also issue construction documents and undertake the final construction to gain compliance.