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New Energy-Efficient Bank of America Branch

Los Angeles, California – July 30, 2015 – Menemsha Solutions completed a new energy-efficient Bank of America branch in San Jose’s Village Oaks Shopping Center. An intricate electrical system was installed to meet tough standards for LEED certification. The new controller system has timed electrical outlets, and computers are automatically shut down after hours conserving energy. In addition, the building has superior insulation with foam installed within the exterior walls and PVC roofing. The 3,600-square-foot branch opened on June 22, 2015. 

About Menemsha Solutions

Menemsha Solutions is a national survey, architecture, and construction firm catering to the retail, banking, restaurant, grocery, and convenience store industries. Services include, though are not limited to; Laser2CAD as-built surveys, ADA assessments and remediation, asset inventory surveys, lighting surveys, architectural design, prototype design/branding, high-volume CD production, value engineering, permit expediting & entitlement, acquisition inspections, general contracting, open-store remodels, high-volume roll-outs/program management, fast-paced expansions, installation programs, and more.

Menemsha’s multidisciplinary approach creates a synergy for shared knowledge and best practices. Founded in 1992, Menemsha Solutions is headquartered in Los Angeles and Boston with resources across the country.