Cracker Barrel

Walk through the doors and you are immersed in a wonderfully rich Americana country store and restaurant experience. Comforting, and with aromas immediately recognizable from our youth, generations of families have made Cracker Barrel a destination as part of their family road trips. Launched in 1969 and having grown to nearly 650 stores nationwide, Cracker Barrel teamed with Menemsha Architecture to refresh its brand. Knowing the strength of the existing brand equity and customer loyalty, we immersed our brand team in the brand elements. This included exploring the 40,000 square foot treasure chest of memorabilia stored in the company’s Lebanon, Tennessee, “Factory”. Our brand research included focus groups, the study of employee and team workflow, and detailed on-site observation of customers. As we recreated a new customer journey, special attention was given to the interplay of two distinct components of the Cracker Barrel experience: the restaurant and the country store. We developed a brand kit of parts that blended new thoughts and ideas with existing elements of the original brand. A refreshed and distinctly American customer experience was born with the warm sweet scent of freshly baked Southern biscuits.

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