Hoag Hospital

A nationally recognized healthcare center, Hoag Hospital was planning a remodel and expansion of their Newport Beach, CA facility. Patience was running low after two companies attempted and failed to complete a Revit model focused on the above-the-ceiling ductwork and plumbing in the existing facility.

Combining Laser2BIM and 3DVR photography with standard medical survey practices, Menemsha completed the fieldwork within the scheduled timeframe. No strangers to healthcare environments, we used mobile containment cubes, HEPA filtered vacuums, and tacky mats -- meticulously removing and replacing ceiling tiles to collect above-the-ceiling data while adhering to the hospital’s cleanliness standards. Menemsha successfully delivered an accurate BIM model of all above-the-ceiling mechanical, electrical, and plumbing items to the construction management team for use by the architectural and engineering professionals. Third time's the charm.

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