Maximum focus. We all know OfficeMax – just about everything and anything in office supplies and more can be found in their national network of stores. We connected with OfficeMax to support their aggressive remodel of their entire store. In 11 states. Across 55 locations. This was a challenge both our Program Management and Construction Services divisions gladly accepted. Each had a comprehensive scope of work to accomplish and they needed to work together seamlessly.

Our Program Management team provided pre-construction management, vendor management, training, development of a master schedule, leverage of our Online Project Management (OPM) system, communication management, contract management, and administrative support. Our Construction Management had an equally full plate. Overall planning, budgeting, and direction to be sure, but also collaborating with OfficeMax Project Managers, third party vendors & architects, training of all field personnel, conducting regular site visits, and General Contractor management. The investment in a highly organized and systematic phasing of the remodel really paid off. Not only did the remodel process minimize any customer disruption, there was a zero decline in store revenue throughout the remodel process. Looks like Min-Max just met Store Remodel.

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