Palisades Beach Road

An iconographic monument on the Pacific Coast Highway, this four story, 12-unit, 32,000 square foot multi-family building sits on the original John Paul Getty beach house site. Directly adjacent to the ocean, the design provides an ocean view to all the units by fracturing the building toward the road with a bridge connecting the two halves of the building. This creates whimsical special relationships such as a unit with the private spaces at one end of the bridge and the public spaces at the opposite. The roof of the building is highly visible from Santa Monica’s Ocean Park with four customary elevations and a fifth elevation visible from the park perched preciously on a cliff. All common circulation of the building is pulled outside as suspended walkways and bridges while a roof garden provides breathtaking ocean views. As the sun sets over the Pacific, light reflects off of the copper clad forms that are aging gracefully while exposed to the ocean air.

Architectural design: Reza Hadaegh

  • Architecture
  • multifamily residence