Tri Counties Bank – Chico Branch Design & Branding

Local Roots. It’s the kind of bank where the managers and bankers know their customers by name, their first name. For over 40 years, this regional bank system has been well entrenched in the fabric of the communities of Northern and Central California. But Tri Counties Bank wanted to refresh its retail branches and reached out to Menemsha Architecture in 2010 for a solution. Enter the Heritage Brand – an architectural journey that takes its inspiration from a neighborly approach to banking. Open, inclusive, and transparent. Encompassing an entirely new Kit of Parts, we carefully selected material, décor, and a design aesthetic to accentuate the special bond with the community and the region that Tri Counties has nurtured. Every corner, every wall, and every room tell a story. We gave birth to a new customer experience for retail environments ranging from 3000 - 7000 square feet.

Our team introduced the use of digital graphics and merchandising as core elements of the retail banking customer experience. With the heritage of the brand in mind, Menemsha led the storyboarding and creation of over 1200 handcrafted slides and marketing messages. And then we gave them a home. A Heritage Brand Digital Wall showcasing the bank employees, bank partners, and historical regional facts. The result is a seamless and uncluttered new customer experience that has helped to transform banking for Tri Counties’ customers. To Local Roots, we’ve added some New Wings.

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