Tri Counties Bank Chico Headquarters

Bye-bye, stuffiness! Banks are changing. Why shouldn’t bank headquarters? Tri Counties Bank, pleased with Menemsha’s thorough brand-refreshing of the bank’s branches and regional offices, called on us to work congruent magic in an extensive upgrade of their Chico, California, headquarters: a project encompassing more than 30,000 square feet of workspaces, conference rooms, teaming areas, and more. The operating principle: work-life balance, established via extensive programming workshops with all stakeholders. To reflect that balance, Menemsha created spaces that utilized people-pleasing transparency and light in ways unheard-of in the banking industry. Unified by a wide central corridor—a virtual interior Main Street—open workspaces serve as teaming areas or simply as rest stops. There’s a gym, of course, with clean, spacious showers and lockers. The employee lunchroom opens onto a patio, and greenery abounds, inside and out. Menemsha executed all-new interior décor. Everything from lighting to furniture to strong color choices imbue the institution with a sense of openness, of collaboration— a place to work and live in balance.

  • Architecture
  • banking