Tri Counties Bank Roseville Regional Headquarters

How does a bank that is deeply rooted in the Northern California communities it serves extend that feeling to a new regional headquarters? For Tri Counties Bank’s Roseville, California, offices, Menemsha transformed an existing stand-alone two-story building by implementing a timeless, modern design that maximizes transparency and minimizes opaque walls. The 40,000-square-foot regional headquarters comprises a Commercial Banking Suite, a ground-floor Bank Branch, Underwriting and Wealth Management Departments, and a Call Center. In the course of creating a complete interior remodel, Menemsha worked closely with Tri Counties to emphasize an atmosphere of work-life balance. Work spaces and conference rooms are flooded with natural light in ways that herald a shift toward hospitality in the once-staid banking industry. Glass walls stand in place of stark barriers. Open teaming areas create venues for ad hoc meetings. Clean finishes and varied textures transform the building’s long corridors into dynamic, lively spaces. A unique double-story staircase, glassed on one side, unites the ground floor with upstairs offices in a warm, inviting fashion. The Tri Counties ethos is expressed in words like INTEGRITY, TRUST, OPPORTUNITY, RESPECT, COMMUNICATION—exactly the words etched into the glass walls of the building’s conference rooms. It’s a crowning design touch that conveys a message to customers and employees alike: We mean what we say.

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