The story behind our name, Menemsha

The Algonquin Indian term for calm waters, peaceful, and safe refuge.

A quaint salt-water pond and fishing village on Martha’s Vineyard’s westerly shore.

An idea for a company, from two college buddies, that grew strong and successful by rethinking how to design and construct buildings better.

A simple idea to work collaboratively and to listen closely to what a client needs.  Utilize the best technologies.  And engage the best talent. Always. That’s where over 25 years of friendship, curiosity and passion can take you.


While our roots are in restaurant and retail development, we now work across multiple market segments. From banking, higher education, healthcare, and corporate offices to complete commercial development projects — we’ve grown simply by helping our clients grow smart.

Menemsha stands alone in an industry crowded with companies claiming they can provide multiple or turnkey services.  But as a vertically integrated company, we truly specialize in each service we provide.  By sharing expertise between our divisions we’ve become the best in the industry through this shared knowledge.  It’s that simple.

We started with Construction and quickly added Facility Survey services. Our clients asked for more. And since we’re very good listeners, we added Architecture and Interior Design.  With all of these great businesses now within our family, we decided to create a Program Management division for clients that wanted to leverage our expertise in orchestrating and navigating complex projects. Today, Menemsha’s Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) methodology links our diverse skill sets across one or all of our service lines. We know that shared knowledge between expert teams and resources drives better outcomes, sooner, and for less cost.

From a modest start in Los Angeles, and then Boston, we’ve grown into a nationwide team of diversely skilled professionals.  Menemsha is committed to developing a peaceful and safe refuge for every project, large or small.

Let us know what you’re working on. We’ve got the team, the resources, and the drive to help you realize it. And yes, we’ve still got the curiosity. And the passion.


John Daigle

President & CEO
For over 25 years, integration and collaboration have been the guiding principles for growth at Menemsha, thanks to the leadership of John Daigle. His early adoption of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) brought together an in-house community of specialists: building experts, project managers, along with design and facility survey professionals. This teamwork paved the way for successful coast to coast high volume construction. John continues with hands-on leadership while actively managing our Construction Services Division. A graduate of the University of Denver with a degree in Real Estate and Construction Management, John was named the 2005 Construction Executive of the Year by the Construction Financial Management Association.

Tom Speroni

Executive VP / Principal
After earning a degree in Business from the University of Denver, where Tom also studied Real Estate and Construction Management, he found himself in Seattle, WA. Leveraging his academic and hands-on construction experience, he positioned himself at the forefront of the expansion for a little-known local coffee shop chain poised for growth.  Five years later, his entrepreneurial spirit started calling. Tom departed his senior role to become a partner at Menemsha. With the client’s perspective in focus, he pioneered an innovative Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) process for retail expansion.  Working with fast-growing national restaurant and retail chains, he leveraged his Seattle expertise to streamline the development process and to accelerate store openings. Later, bringing this strategy into the healthcare sector, he successfully applied a similar approach to dialysis centers, Lasik eye surgery clinics, and dental offices. A recognized industry advocate for the pursuit and embrace of technology to create an edge in commercial development, Tom is a sought-after speaker on the benefits of Integrated Project Development and synergistic retail rollouts.

Jenn Moschella

Executive VP
Jenn is responsible for developing the systems, teams and strategies to grow the company and help it diversify into additional markets.  Jenn has more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry, all with Menemsha.  Jenn is our longest-tenured employee and has worked in almost every job in the company. She takes that knowledge and wisdom to ensure our foundation is rock solid, directing all areas of the business.  She is an invaluable resource to the company and continues to play a key role in our strategic decision-making and operations.  Prior to joining Menemsha Jenn studied Marketing at Post University.  During her tenure with Menemsha she also attended Northeastern University gaining certification in Construction Management.

Dariusz Wiecha, NCARB, LEED AP, CMQ/OE

Senior VP, Operations
A unique ability to streamline complex processes—that’s the shortest possible summary of Dariusz’s extensive skill set. Not only as a highly accomplished business operations expert with more than 20 years’ experience in architecture and construction, but also as a restorer of vintage motorcycles (If he’s not picking up the phone, he’s probably in the garage tinkering with his Chang Jiang motorcycle, a descendant of the 1937 BMW R71. Or his 1977 Italian Vespa.) Dariusz prides himself on client-focused service excellence and inspired teamwork, traits he honed while leading complex, multimillion-dollar global projects for Western Union and Worldpay in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Has also led large teams in places like Costa Rica and Lithuania. A true man of the world, Dariusz began his architectural studies in Poland and completed them in Canada, then plied his trade in the US. When he discovered that he had a passion for operations, he went back to school full-time for an MBA at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. So is he an architect at heart? A builder? A business executive? Or an operations leader? The answer is yes. Which is why clients love him, and Menemsha is proud to have him on board.

Jason Tropp, LEED AP

VP Architecture & Facility Services
Revolutions Per Minute. It’s how most of us knew how to shift gears before cars became electric and started to drive themselves! For Jason, an avid snowboarder, tennis player and supporter of the Cycle for Survival charity, we can safely assume he is always in top gear. It comes from 22 years of industry experience directing construction and facility assessment projects, including 76 overseas. It comes from having supervised over 12,000 as-built site and ADA surveys. It comes from researching and testing the latest emerging technologies, including advanced mobile facility scanning. It’s all in a busy career’s work for this LEED Accredited Professional who knew since high school this was the career for him. And while studying architecture at the University of Southern California, that career came knocking. Since joining Menemsha 14 years ago, we’ve watched him build high performing teams that really deliver for our clients, both in the private and public sectors. From shopping center redevelopment to higher education, healthcare to retail, for clients like Citibank, Best Buy, Starbucks, the University of Kentucky and the Federal Defense Commissary Agency, to name but a few. Our clients know him for his life-long interest in technology and his passion for ensuring their expectations are 100% met. And for leading his teams to take the RPM redline just a little bit higher every time.

Jay Fox

VP Business Development
Can enthusiasm be contagious? When you spend time with Jay, you know it is. High energy. Hard working. Super positive. Smart. He brings an extensive background in consumer product development for Disney and ESPN to the tune of $350 million in global sales as he drives business development for Menemsha. Add to that 25 years of multi-vertical sales experience based on building effective relationships. Born and raised in Southern California, Jay’s passions include sports, travel, and beach life. In fact, he was the driving force behind the highly acclaimed book, The Endless Summer 50th Anniversary, commemorating the iconic surfing film of 1966. Clearly, Jay’s curiosity and interests are boundless, but what ties his many diverse successes together is a belief in the importance of integrity. Something which he simply defines as “saying the same things publicly that we say privately.”


Clients seek out Menemsha for our unique mix of professional services that ensure accountability, value, and quality in a scalable model.