With over 25 years of industry experience, we offer facility survey, architecture, construction, and management solutions. Turnkey or à la carte – the choice is yours.


A distinguished team of licensed and LEED accredited architects and designers work in our Architectural Division. Expert across a full spectrum of architectural services, we provide architectural branding and prototyping, interior architecture and design, architectural documentation from programming to permit, full modeling, and 3D building analysis and visualization.

#Innovation – Shaping Ideas Into Spaces


When you combine experience, technology savviness, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, you have a pretty special formula for success. That’s what our Facility Survey division brings to every project. It’s not just that we’ve surveyed nearly 15,000 facilities and millions of square feet. And it’s not just our command of an array of leading survey technologies that we expertly match to a project and then fluently apply. At the core, it is a spirit of partnership with, and service to, our clients that underlines our work most emphatically, and it drives our unwavering focus on precision and accuracy. Menemsha Facility Survey.

Measuring Your Project’s Success From The Start

Program Management

Large-scale remodel and rebranding programs are inherently complex journeys that require program management expertise. Let our decades of experience in program analysis, program management, and in leveraging our cloud-based management platform to set the pace on our journey. We work as part of your team and engage cutting-edge technologies to move you from project start to success. Crisply and confidently. It is a partnership. Menemsha Program Management.

Your Program. Our Management.

Construction Management

It’s all about the team. Our highly skilled Construction Managers and Estimators bring a wealth of experience and insights to support our clients. In Menemsha, you have a Construction Management partner who will execute your project through the ambiguities of pre-construction all the way to the project’s grand opening. We’re a team of professionals who know a lot about project orchestration. Planning, design, cost management, time management, budgeting, contracting, vendor management, and more. We will get you to your end goal – on time, within budget, and at the highest level of quality possible. Menemsha Construction Management.

Orchestrating Your Project’s Success