Ventura County Medical Center

Menemsha teamed up with Ventura County Medical Center in California to help construct a new rooftop helicopter landing pad. Our team was tasked with removing the existing helipad and installing a new one that will fit the county's new Firehawk helicopters. These up-fitted, former military Black Hawk helicopters are built for completing rescues and fighting wildfires, and are too large for the previous VCMC helipad.

The project is under the jurisdiction HCAI (Health Care Access and Information, formerly OSHPOD), a California governing body committed to expanding equitable access to health care for all Californians. As a part of this mission, they monitor the construction and renovation of facilities like VCMC.


  • Partnering with the California governing body for state healthcare centers and hospitals
  • Complete demolition and reconstruction of the roof-top helipad
  • All while operations continue as usual in the hospital

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