We have invested over 25 years growing our Construction Services Division nationwide. In fact, the origins of Menemsha are in providing Construction Services and Construction Management. Since our founders, John Daigle and Tom Speroni, met at the University of Denver, their vision has been to provide a better Construction Services solution for the retail and restaurant markets. And because of the company’s success and growth, we’ve expanded our services to include banking, hospitality, commercial office, c-stores, and big box markets, with higher education and healthcare coming on strong. Our team of highly qualified, skilled, and experienced construction professionals continues to drive results for our customers.


Our philosophy is to create a partnership with our clients. Not be just a vendor. Someone who digs a little deeper to understand not just the Construction Deliverables but also the bigger picture.

Our highly qualified Project Managers and Field Superintendents will lead your project from bid phase through construction execution and closeout.

We are competitive in our approach and thorough in preparing your proposal.

Tech Savvy:
Our Online Project Management (OPM) system provides our clients with access to all the real-time data needs: field daily logs, photos, construction documentation, permitting, RFI’s, cost changes, and more.

Leadership. Thoroughness. Technology.

And most especially:
It is about being your trusted Partner. Building your vision.


Jon Bayha

There is no approximating the value of over 25 years of estimating experience. Jon’s expertise spans detailed plan reviews, on-screen takeoff, Timberline unit price estimating and real-world subcontractor proposals. For our clients, this means all scope items are priced and follow the project plan in budgets for a wide range of design stages including conceptual, schematic, design development and construction. With this kind of expertise, Jon surely puts the “esteemed” in estimating.

Tom Speroni

After earning a degree in Business from the University of Denver, where Tom also studied Real Estate and Construction Management, he found himself in Seattle, WA. Leveraging his academic and hands-on construction experience, he positioned himself at the forefront of the expansion for a little-known local coffee shop chain poised for growth. Five years later, his entrepreneurial spirit started calling. Tom departed his senior role to become a partner at Menemsha. With the client’s perspective in focus, he pioneered an innovative Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) process for retail expansion. Working with fast-growing national restaurant and retail chains, he leveraged his Seattle expertise to streamline the development process and to accelerate store openings. Later, bringing this strategy into the healthcare sector, he successfully applied a similar approach to dialysis centers, Lasik eye surgery clinics, and dental offices. A recognized industry advocate for the pursuit and embrace of technology to create an edge in commercial development, Tom is a sought-after speaker on the benefits of Integrated Project Development and synergistic retail rollouts.

Joe Byrne

It figures that with over 25 years of cost estimating experience in the construction industry that Joe is a consummate estimator. Joe came up through ‘the ranks’ and leverages this experience to provide quality estimates. His ability to understand how a project is built is reflected in his approach and methodology.


Clients seek out Menemsha for our unique mix of professional services that ensure accountability, value, and quality in a scalable model.