We see architecture as the art of orchestration of space, generating meaningful, lasting, and memorable human experiences. Our commitment to this principle guides us through all stages of a project. Whether we are helping our clients program a building, selecting a site, creating a customer journey, shaping the exterior of a project– no matter what the undertaking happens to be – creating a unique and delightful human experience is our ultimate goal.

Master Planning ♦ Programming ♦ Site Selection ♦ Entitlements ♦
Sustainability ♦ Architectural Design ♦
Project Documentation ♦ National Permitting

Interior Design

The successful design of the exterior shell of a building will make you pause and notice, it is the interior that solidifies your experience of the space. At Menemsha, our interior and exterior designs inform one another and are parts of a whole. As such, proper space planning, furniture selection, décor, finishes, lighting, and color are key to a successful, memorable, and lasting user experience.

Space Planning ♦ Furniture Design Selection & Specification ♦
Art Selection & Décor