Integrated Project Delivery

It is easy for information and plans to become siloed on a development project resulting in delays, waste, and sub-optimized results. Multiple stakeholders, a dynamic process, and independent systems can all play a role. At Menemsha, we are an industry leader in a process methodology called Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) that ensures this does not happen. We’ve been using this approach for over a quarter century to integrate people, systems, business structures, and practices into a collaborative process that harness the talents and insights of all the project participants. The benefits are many: optimized project results, increased value to the owner, reduced waste, and maximized efficiencies.

Menemsha is uniquely qualified to leverage IPD given the breadth of our expertise. We are a firm with Facility Survey, Architecture, Construction, and Management divisions all in-house. IPD is simply a smarter way to work in unison towards a common goal. Each division’s stakeholders communicate internally and externally on an open-based platform.