ADA Surveys

At Menemsha, we individually customize our ADA compliance assessments (aka Site Accessibility Reports) to each client’s needs. It starts with refined-scope assessments from which we develop survey procedures and reports, remediation summaries and estimates,and turnkey remediation solutions. We also provide assistance in developing their long-term ADA strategies.


Technology is bringing new opportunities for surveying, and at Menemsha, we continually evaluate what is available in order to match the right technology to each project. This includes our Laser2CAD real-time measurement system for measuring facilities. Our experienced surveyors use Laser2CAD to deliver accurate survey drawings from the field to our in-house architectural team. Human error is eliminated, day-to-day activities are not disrupted, and significant time savings are generated.

3DVR Photography

Conduct a 360 degree virtual tour of your site with our high resolution 3DVR photographic technology. We capture interior and exterior spaces using our 3DVR photographic surveys which combine 360 degree photographs with Laser2CAD drawings, PDF files or a client’s existing CAD/PDF files. Save time and enhance your project planning.


When you can see all areas of the built environment, more precise upfront decision making for architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing can be made. And space is maximized. At Menemsha, we believe 2D construction documents are insufficient as they lack the Z component or heights and depths. That is why we provide 3D as-built construction documents. See more so you can plan with precision.

PointCloud Scanning and Scan2BIM

Imagine your AutoCAD or REVIT models built on modeling the data from the simultaneous capture of 360 degree high resolution imagery, a 2D floor plan and a 3D LiDAR point cloud. At Menemsha, we provide a full SCAN2BIM or SCAN2CAD process using the most advanced indoor mapping system available. Previously cost prohibitive, we are able to bring this technology capability to entirely new markets.

Total Station

At Menemsha we accurately measure larger complicated spaces and structures with our Total Station, Theodolite, system to provide site plans and exterior building elevations. Capable of extremely accurate measurements in three dimensions over long distances, we link the Total Station technology to tablet PCs for direct CAD output. This technology is also available on smaller spaces and structures where warranted.