Healthcare & Medical Construction

With over 30 years of industry experience, we offer facility survey, architecture, construction, and management solutions for the healthcare and medical industries. Turnkey or à la carte – the choice is yours.

Menemsha is a leading provider of architectural and construction services for a wide range of industries, including healthcare. With dedicated teams uniquely qualified to manage healthcare and medical construction projects, our construction division can deliver construction solutions across the healthcare landscape.

We understand the challenges of large, complex projects and can confidently meet each milestone to ensure timely completion. We strategize in-depth with our medical and healthcare clients to closely manage all necessary vendors to ensure accuracy and timeliness while driving clear communication and better decision-making.

VCMC Helipad and Pediatric Unit

See how Menemsha met the challenge of removing the existing helipad and installing a new one that will fit Ventura County’s new, larger Firehawk helicopters.
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CVS Pharmacy

Learn how Menemsha partnered with CVS on their COVID-19 response efforts by installing 300 Rapid Result Test Kiosks around the country.
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