CVS Pharmacy

Rollout of Rapid Result COVID Testing Sites

Menemsha partnered with CVS Pharmacy on their response efforts to COVID-19 by installing 300 Rapid Result Test Kiosks around the country. With a critical need to have these sites set up quickly, Menemsha mobilized a national team of qualified labor and tradesmen to complete all their installations within five weeks.

With three to five days to install and power up each site, the Menemsha teams worked a 24/7 schedule to meet these deadlines. In addition to managing and continually reporting on status to CVS, the teams received, unloaded, and set the kiosks. They also provided buffers and signage and leveled and anchored the kiosks, while our electricians powered up the units.

The Menemsha Survey/Architecture Division stepped into the program at a critical juncture to support CVS in providing the necessary documentation and applications for building permits where required.

With the program now complete, CVS is poised to provide even greater aid in the ongoing COVID pandemic as these sites provide much needed COVID tests and vaccines.

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