The owners of this strategically situated lot at the intersection of two busy thoroughfares in Torrance, CA, just wanted to build a gas station and convenience store (C-Store). But after fivelong years trying to get their project underway—only to have it repeatedly stalled for one reason or another—they needed a new start.

This time, they chose Menemsha to lead the project. Menemsha has a long history with Chevron, and since the property developers were building a multi-use site containing a Chevron gas station and ExtraMile store, we were a natural fit—and a proven entity for a developer that was understandably wary.

Despite pandemic-related hurdles such as supply-chain issues and dramatically slower permitting, Menemsha was able to overcome all challenges as they arose and ultimately broke ground after just 18 months. The site had contained a smog-check station and a retail building which were demolished to make space for the new project, consisting of automotive fueling space (including a fuel canopy and underground tanks), retail convenience store, second-floor office, and retail tenant space. The project site will also be improved with landscaping and off-street parking. Total commercial space will be ±6,900 SF, of which approximately 2,600 will house the ExtraMile store and 4,300 will be available for lease across three retail spaces.


  • Extensive design and permitting
  • Complex environmental reviews
  • Broke ground after 18 months
  • Fueling, retail, and office spaces

  • Construction
  • Program Management