Public Storage

Five years ago, Public Storage began its “Property of Tomorrow” program to elevate the customer experience through technology, a transformed operating model, and property enhancements. The company has since grown to become the world’s largest owner and operator of self-storage facilities, but it is only recently that the majority of its U.S. locations utilized consistent design planning to make each site a clear expression of the Public Storage brand.

Menemsha has led construction of approximately 200 of these properties and now has an entire team dedicated to Public Storage. This team knows that the customer’s primary concern is keeping to its timeline, and to meet that goal we maintain a steady rate of five complete property upgrades per month. This ability to reliably deliver a set number of projects month after month, in one market and then another, has been the key to developing such a strong relationship with Public Storage.

Like other well-known brands, Public Storage is focused on consistency so that every one of its properties looks and feels the same, from the exterior, to the office space, to the public areas, self-service kiosks, and storage units. Accordingly, in each of the assigned markets we provide a complete field team that can get the work done—no matter what that work is. (The final goal is consistency, but the start points vary widely.) Our team performs all of the work except electrical, plumbing, and HVAC; but we’re responsible for engaging those subcontractors as well, so ultimately Menemsha oversees the entire project.

More recently, Menemsha has been asked to provide a fuller range of design-build services for certain properties in greater need. In such cases, we spearhead the entire process: architecture, permitting, and construction.


  • 3 year relationship
  • 200+ locations completed
  • 5 locations per month
  • 5+ states

  • Construction
  • Program Management