[solidcore] is a new type of “high-intensity, low-impact full-body workout” that has taken off in popularity and now delivers programs across more than 100 studios nationwide—with the ultimate goal of operating a total of 250 studios globally in the coming years. Menemsha has had the privilege of helping construct seven of these studios (in CA and TX) and we look forward to many more.

[solidcore] studios are often created out of 2nd-generation spaces in dense urban areas. As such, these projects come with some major challenges, such as offloading and storing building material in such a way as to minimize disruption to the neighborhood and deploying cranes, scaffolding, etc. in tightly confined spaces. Menemsha is expert with these types of urban projects and successfully managed and coordinated a slew of highly complex functions to ensure studios were completed on time and within budget, and without major disruptions to the neighbors or fines from regulators.

Another factor that makes Menemsha a good fit for this client is our long history of working with all types of corporations to ensure their properties are clearly and consistently branded and their branding and design are uniformly and accurately portrayed. The essence of branding is to differentiate our clients from the competition, generate a memory and create a desire for the visitor to return. Ultimately, successful branding translates to a growth in sales.

[solidcore] is a young and dynamic company full of young and dynamic people, and they recognize the value of working with strong partners. With 30 years of experience across a broad range of multi-site projects, Menemsha brings high levels of expertise to the table and has shown that we are fully committed to our client’s success.


  • Ability to execute in extremely dense urban environs
  • Emphasis on uniform branding across multiple properties
  • Decades of expertise instills confidence and trust

  • Construction
  • Program Management