10 Years of Consistent Site Survey with Wawa 150 150 Menemsha

10 Years of Consistent Site Survey with Wawa

Wawa convenience stores are a fan-favorite stop for many Americans in the Northeast and along the East Coast. Since opening the original Wawa over 50 years ago, the chain has expanded to hundreds of stores across several states. Menemsha is lucky to have partnered with Wawa for over a decade, working to document pre-existing conditions effectively and accurately in stores considered for remodel.

The Menemsha survey team is full of professionals, allowing for consistent quality across all stores that we survey. At any given time, our team will be responsible for survey on 20-30 different Wawa locations. Still, our team never misses a beat, ensuring proper documentation of the floor plan along with all equipment and inventory used for Wawa’s popular in-house food.

“We give them a seamless transition of information and data that their design and architectural team can quickly use,” Liz Vargas, Menemsha Sr. Director Program Management, Survey and Facility Services, said. “They can quickly get started on the next piece of it, whether it’s redesigning their store or some other action item, because they can trust that what we’re giving them is accurate.”

Often, we can suggest new things for the client in addition to their initial needs. We work hard to understand the specific equipment of each store and what value it provides. We are adaptable and consider space planning when completing our drawings.

“They’re always putting new equipment on the counters and offering new things to their customers,” Vargas said. “But how do they do that without losing something? That’s where the challenge is.”

After 10 years of collaborative work together, Wawa can trust that the work we give them will be correct. We’re proud to continue working regularly with Wawa and helping to get each store prepared for remodel.

“The work we do speaks for itself as well as the communication back and forth with the client and our team,” Menemsha Project Manager Craig Macadang said. “We’re always able to give them a quick response and the fastest turnaround time, making sure we don’t delay their process for the remodel schedules.”

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