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Menemsha Architecture “Serves the World Flavor” with Wingstop Projects

With more than 1,500 restaurants and a mission to “serve the world flavor,” Wingstop is one of the fastest growing concepts in the country. Menemsha Architecture is proud to help them in this mission, bringing the signature Wingstop flavor to more people by completing tenant improvements for new restaurants across the west coast.

So far, we’ve completed 33 Wingstop projects — each with their own personality. The footprint for these restaurants is between 1,000 and 1,500 sq. ft., so thorough planning is essential to ensure everything is included that is necessary to make the space functional.

Each project begins with survey, where we learn about the key ingredients of the existing space. We learn what equipment and facilities are available and use this information to predict what challenges might come up during the design process.

“If there’s anything that would be a major hurdle to work through, we’d have to coordinate with the landlord, the client, and with Wingstop corporate,” Architecture Senior Job Captain Philip Martiens said. “So, we would learn of any risks ahead of time and decide if everything was good to go.”

Next we move into the architectural scope, which includes designs for the essential restaurant components like counters, walk-in coolers and freezers, and restrooms. We also work on the kitchen, which is especially important for Wingstop. These kitchens use heavy fryers and oils, so they need special design attention.

Throughout the process, we’ve ensured that Wingstop’s branding is consistent in every piece we complete.

“They have decor in the space specific to the brand and concept, which they’ve been fine tuning over the last year,” Martiens said.

We have faced some challenges since we first began these projects in late 2020 but have worked to streamline and expedite wherever possible so nothing falls behind. Throughout supply-chain issues due to the pandemic, we worked with the Wingstop corporate team, using our flexibility as a team to keep drawings up to date despite changes in the plans.

“We still had a little bit of pandemic hangover for those jurisdictions, which backed up some processes,” Martiens said.

Menemsha has worked diligently to ensure every Wingstop TI is smooth. The rollouts are aggressive, so communication is key to make sure everything is successful. There are many invested parties, and it is our job to ensure that every project is as straightforward as possible.

We’re excited to continue work with Wingstop in the future, bringing more flavor to the world wherever we can. Learn more about our architectural expertise.