Menemsha Architecture Moves the Needle for PF Chang’s Customers Across the Nation 150 150 Menemsha

Menemsha Architecture Moves the Needle for PF Chang’s Customers Across the Nation

PF Chang’s is in the process of updating and refreshing their bistros in order to elevate the customer experience. With over 300 restaurants across the world, the popular Asian bistro has called on Menemsha’s design team for help. For several years now, PF Chang’s has leaned on Menemsha Architecture to ensure a seamless buildout of restaurant remodels across the nation.

Throughout the design process, one of the biggest priorities is ensuring the construction team is set up for success. We’ve created a streamlined process that involves collaboration across multiple teams within both Menemsha and PF Chang’s. We work on anywhere from 8-15 design rollouts at a time, so communication is key to ensuring projects are completed as planned.

“Our team is really good at doing that,” the Menemsha account manager for PF Chang’s said. “There’s many levels and layers to what it can take to design, permit, and then build a site. Our team has dialed it in in such a fashion that they can manage high volume expectations but still deliver that same quality of a one-off location.”

All in all, we’ve worked on nearly 100 sites for PF Chang’s all over the United States. Each brings differences and unique challenges that our design team loves to solve.

The consistency that we’ve shown in our work with PF Chang’s has created a high level of trust among teams. The more projects we complete, the quicker we spot inconsistencies, building stronger collaboration with every cycle.

“We know that we can do these successfully, we can do them at a high level of quality, and we can deliver a product that our client is so thankful and appreciative of,” the account manager said. “That really pumps me up, I think that pumps our team up.”

The final product that Menemsha delivers for PF Chang’s is high-end and exciting. We’re seeing the refreshes in each bistro actively moving the needle for restaurant customers. As they come in and see the new design choices, they feel more confident that they will have a good experience.

“We love the idea that by doing some simple design changes, not only does it elevate the experience, but the client is seeing a higher level of spending inside the bistros,” the account manager said.

Menemsha Architecture is thankful for continued trust from PF Chang’s. We’re looking forward to elevating the experience for more bistro diners all over the nation! Learn more about Menemsha Architecture.