Menemsha Completes 22 Projects for Tractor Supply Co. Remodel Program 150 150 Menemsha

Menemsha Completes 22 Projects for Tractor Supply Co. Remodel Program

Tractor Supply Co. is remodeling hundreds of stores across the country, a project that requires coordination between many moving parts. They needed a reliable solution to provide consistently good work across many concurrent projects – traits they found in Menemsha. Through close communication and a dedicated, robust team, Menemsha was able to complete 22 projects for Tractor Supply last year with a plan to continue the successful partnership into this year.

“We made a commitment to build a team around this program to ensure that we executed to their expectations,” Menemsha Senior Account Manager David Godfrey said.

There are two components to the Tractor Supply store projects – Fusion and Side-Lot Project.

Fusion is the interior remodel and takes place over four weeks. It includes new painting and lighting, upgrading and moving sections, refinished flooring, back-of-house upgrades and more. The new interior also includes a branded Carhartt section that expands on the workwear brand’s in-store offerings at Tractor Supply.

The Side-Lot Project (SLP) involves exterior renovations and takes 8-10 weeks. This includes erecting new garden centers and upgrading lighting, water, fencing, security and more.

Menemsha had the challenge of communicating with many vendors throughout the projects. We had regular meetings, tight communication and a support team that allowed for quick solutions whenever challenges arose.

“The most feedback I’ve gotten from Tractor Supply PMs is that they’re very appreciative of how we communicate and how quickly we get information to them,” Godfrey said. “We come to them with solutions instead of problems.”

All of the projects were open remodels, meaning the stores stayed open throughout the work period, so we also had to take extra care to ensure the safety of employees and customers.

Several key facts about Menemsha made us the perfect fit to help Tractor Supply with this project. We’re licensed in every state and have resources and vendors in all the major areas of Tractor Supply’s remodels. The project is in a market that we’re very familiar with, and with over 30 years in the business, we’re used to managing many moving parts in a tight time frame.

Looking to the future, Menemsha will continue to be a dedicated partner in the Tractor Supply remodels. We look forward to completing new projects and coming up with new solutions.