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Menemsha Multi-Site: Structure and Accountability

Coming off the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are trying to do more work with fewer people. Menemsha is prepped and ready to pick up that load, saving you time and money throughout entire projects.

“Menemsha provides survey, design, construction and management that allow the client to use fewer resources in managing processes,” Tom Speroni, Executive VP & Principal said.

Menemsha is different from other companies you might deal with. We are built of four unique divisions that serve each field separately while also contributing to the whole of Menemsha. By structuring our company this way – Survey, Design, Construction and Management – we can seamlessly complete multi-site projects from start to finish with fewer missteps and a stronger end product.

Multi-site projects are complicated. They require clear communication between multiple parties and coordination of many moving parts. We’re here to make it simple. Keep your work under one roof and your data in one shared place with Menemsha.

“Data stored in one place grants us the edge in nearly every aspect of the program,” Liz Vargas, Director of Program Management and Logistics said. “Quick access to the data allows for effective communication among the various division teams.”

Every employee at Menemsha is an expert in their field. But when we come together as a whole, we are experts at every aspect of multi-site projects. Our structure allows our team members to focus on what they’re good at, but also provides synergy with all business units.

“Companies come to Menemsha because of our diverse mix of services. We can survey the location, provide the drawings, get the permits and do the construction – ensuring accountability through the entire development lifecycle,” Speroni said.

Working with Menemsha, you get a single point of contact end-to-end, your “go to” for anything you might need to discuss. This simple contact eliminates confusion, allows for easy sharing between divisions and identifies problems early.

You also get a single site superintendent who oversees the field group. Our site superintendents see everything in the field for better quality control and communication. They’re experts at making projects smooth and ensuring our work does not interfere with clients’ business interactions.

Trust Menemsha to pick things up where the pandemic has hit hard.  Our teams work together seamlessly to complete projects efficiently and of the highest quality. Learn more about our multi-site expertise.