Helping Pollo Campero Bridge the Gap Between Guatemala and the U.S. 150 150 Menemsha

Helping Pollo Campero Bridge the Gap Between Guatemala and the U.S.

Since 2018, Menemsha has worked closely with restaurant chain Pollo Campero to help bridge the gap between the Guatemalan headquarters and the United States-based team. We’ve worked with the chicken chain to not only roll out remodels, ground-up builds and tenant improvements, but also create a streamlined template prototype for new restaurants.

“When we started our relationship with Pollo Campero, it became clear there were a lot of cooks in the kitchen. We assisted their team by streamlining and identifying who the key players were and defined what the process needed to be in order to expedite project roll outs”, Menemsha Project Manager Shaghayegh T. Osipov said.

Menemsha and Pollo Campero have worked together on a diverse array of project types. Besides building and opening new restaurants, we’ve helped bring previous franchisee-owned restaurants up to current brand standards.

Overall, we’ve worked on 15 remodels, 7 franchisee updates, 11 tenant improvements and 3 ground ups.  We’ve provided survey and architectural services for all our Pollo Campero projects, and construction services for the remodels.

Menemsha has been a valuable partner ready to assist and collectively engage throughout all milestones of the projects’ life span. Menemsha aided Pollo Campero by improving the template and creating a kit of parts to work from to expedite expansion efforts throughout the US.

“We needed to find a way to communicate the construction needs, but through graphics, because the CEO is not in construction himself,” Osipov said. “So how to communicate the needs and the goals of the team while still finding efficiencies in schedule and budget.”

Partnering with Pollo Campero has been a great experience for Menemesha. We are excited to continue our relationship and look forward to ongoing collaboration efforts on new projects.