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Menemsha’s Winning Approach to Construction Projects

Have you ever watched a relay race? According to the Olympics, “a relay race is viewed as the ultimate example of teamwork and coordination.” Whether you’ve watched an Olympic relay competition or participated in a backyard race for fun, you know how quickly a team can start to fall behind. Every second counts, and one misstep or bad transition can throw the entire race.

But when everything goes just right, you win gold.

Construction projects are like relay races — they take detailed coordination, communication, and practice. The many involved parties (the client, real estate, architecture, survey, construction, contractors and more) are the runners, and everyone is racing to complete the best project possible.

For most construction projects, these parties are all from different companies. That’s like trying to run an Olympic relay race with a team made up of runners from all different countries. These new team members have never practiced together, never passed the baton from one runner to another, and aren’t invested in each other or the team as a whole. What does that lead to? Miscommunication, dropping the baton, and losing the race.

You wouldn’t ever try to run a race like that, which is why Menemsha does things different. We offer every step of the process under one roof, operating as one team start to finish. Our team practices together and competes together, and it’s won us the race time and time again. It’s what we do. We simplify the entire process, offering exactly what you need when you need it.

At Menemsha, you have one dedicated point of contact for the entirety of the project, no more going back and forth between multiple project managers. The transition between parts of the project is seamless, simple, and free from confusion. We’re communicating the whole way through, meaning less chance for error.

Even when we’re hired for a specific piece of a project, our turnkey experience allows us the knowledge and understanding to see projects in their entirety. We respect the other groups and are familiar with the steps they’ll take, giving us a strategic edge. As soon as the gun goes off, we’re eagerly waiting our time to participate, even if we’re on the opposite side of the track.

Each and every aspect of a construction project is reliant on the part that came before. Hiring Menemsha Solutions for every leg of the race means your outcome will be clean, smooth, and predictable. We alleviate all stress of transition through clear and consistent communication leading to faster and cheaper projects with fewer mistakes. This isn’t our first time running the race, and not our first time winning gold either.

Are you ready to win gold? Contact us to learn more about our services.