A Match Made in Heaven: Menemsha Continues Strong Partnership with PF Chang’s During Brand Refresh 150 150 Menemsha

A Match Made in Heaven: Menemsha Continues Strong Partnership with PF Chang’s During Brand Refresh

PF Chang’s and Menemsha go way back. This years-long relationship led the Asian-themed restaurant chain to look to us to provide assistance, leadership and solutions for a full brand refresh across its many restaurants.

A different kind of client relationship

“I really like to think that working with this client is what makes this project unique,” Menemsha Account Manager Trey Hernandez said.

The partnership with PF Chang’s began when Menemsha completed a buildout of their new headquarters. Impressed with our transparency and dependability, PF Chang’s decided to continue the partnership through the development of Off-Premise dining locations in 2019. In 2020, PF Chang’s enlisted us for a 2-year full brand refresh rollout, updating over 100 PF Chang’s locations across the country.

“PF Chang’s has been fantastic along the way,” Hernandez said. “If there’s been challenges that we faced, they look to us to provide the solution.”

What is the project all about?

PF Chang’s wanted to work with Menemsha to elevate the brand perception in their restaurants to match the quality of food. A large part of what PF Chang’s wanted in the refresh was tile work. We offered a budget-friendly alternative – using paints to achieve the same design effect as tile. Our team worked with the PF Chang’s design team to spec different tile paint processes, a new skill now in Menemsha’s portfolio. We also provided electrical work throughout the restaurants, installing lighting cohesive to the new branding.

From the start, the brand refresh wasn’t simple. The goal was to get the new brand into stores while maintaining the budget and accelerated time frame. With this goal in mind, and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Menemsha had to work with PF Chang’s to find innovative solutions. Functioning as an essential business and focusing on the safety of employees, we organized work at the restaurants overnight so the PF Chang’s restaurants could still operate during the day.

“A lot of times, you’re second guessed. Often the goal is to get as many of these done as possible, not to figure out solutions along the way,” Hernandez said. “But PF Chang’s has given us the opportunity to do both.”

Looking ahead

Over 60 PF Chang’s locations will be completed by the end of this year with 52 more to go in 2022. The rollout has proven positive for PF Chang’s by increasing sales and employee morale.

This project is special to us because of the positive and unique relationship with PF Chang’s. Consistent team effort and communication is shown in the quality of work. Hernandez said that Menemsha plans to continue working with PF Chang’s well into the future.

“That’s the difference between a client and a partner,” he said.

About Menemsha

Menemsha stands alone in an industry crowded with companies claiming they can provide multiple or turnkey services. As a vertically integrated company, we truly specialize in each service we provide – Survey, Design, Build. Sharing expertise among our divisions has meant we’ve become the best in the industry. It’s that simple.