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Menemsha Proves Best Fit for a Higher Education Design-Build Project

Menemsha Solutions recently won the bid to work a design-build project for Glendale Community College’s Garfield Campus and has now started work onsite. After years of stagnation on the project, Menemsha provided the final push necessary to get the project off the ground. Glendale needed more space for student parking and activities – Menemsha came to deliver.

What is the project all about?

In 2018, the Glendale Board of Trustees approved a plan to acquire 13 residential buildings residing on the same block as the Garfield Campus. After the essential work of relocating the 61 households living in those buildings, demolition has now begun on Menemsha’s watch.

A design-build project means Menemsha is a part of the process from start to finish. Menemsha has had a hand in every moving piece since they won the bid in early 2021.

“We get to design it and build it,” said Menemsha VP of Business Development Jay Fox. “Nothing existed, and now here it is.”

Menemsha joined forces with MMA Architects on the design of the project, planning for a gorgeous new space with 200+ new parking spaces, including designated electric car charging stations. The acquired land will also be used as green space, with beautiful landscaping and seating areas for students.

“We have lots of input as to what it’s going to look like,” Fox said. “And the finished project is going to be gorgeous.”

Historically, Glendale students were a nuisance for the surrounding neighboring, forced to park on streets or in front of houses, causing traffic problems for the neighbors and stressors for the students. The project will solve that problem and more.

What makes Menemsha a perfect match for Glendale’s need?

Menemsha provided the right assembled team and the right timeline from the start. This project is unique in many ways and Menemsha is not afraid to rise to the challenge. Taking down a city block means loud noises, dust, and big construction equipment. Menemsha has taken great care to ensure the neighbors living around the worksite are comfortable and undisturbed. From the start, Menemsha has proven themselves capable of clear communication and innovative solutions.

What does this mean for Menemsha’s future?

While Menemsha has worked on a number of colleges and schools in the past, Glendale is their first design-build project in the sector. Menemsha hopes to use this project as an example of the great work they can do for higher education.

“It might be a gymnasium or a football field next. Who knows?” Fox said.

The project kicked off in Glendale earlier this summer. While there is still a long way to go, the Menemsha team is working tirelessly to meet the aggressive schedule set by the college, and will stop at nothing to ensure the final product is as beautiful as promised.

About Menemsha

Menemsha stands alone in an industry crowded with companies claiming they can provide multiple or turnkey services. As a vertically integrated company, we truly specialize in each service we provide – Survey, Design, Build. Sharing expertise among our divisions has meant we’ve become the best in the industry. It’s that simple.